Polish Government Is Fighting Against Illegal Online Gambling

By | July 20, 2021

Poland’s Ministry of Finance and National Revenue Administration have warned gamblers and operators against illegal online gambling. Read below to find out what restrictions were announced by the authority. Check our news on the legislation sector to find more details.

The online gambling market in Poland now is under strict regulation by the government. The Gambling Act forbids gambling via using unlicensed websites. According to article 23, sections one and three of the fiscal penal code, a fine for those who offer illegal gambling is PLN4.4m (€975 740).

But even if operators have licenses, they still may face some fines. Such a punishment is possible in the case of offering the gambling products without fitting the license they got.

Operators are not the only ones who will face these restrictions. Polish citizens aren’t able to use foreign licenses and permission to distribute gambling products in Poland. It’s obvious how strongly a tuned plan is to eradicate all kinds of illegal gambling in the country.

Who’s on the blacklist?

Around 15 000 illegal gambling websites are on the blacklist. The Polish government adds some new domain names daily. It seems like the authorities are going to clean out every single area of online gambling and make it fully regulated.

The latest sites that were added to the list were Agentspins.com, Nitrocasino.com, and sites from Campobet.

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