Poker Case in Lithuania: Supreme Court’s Ultimate Decision

By | November 9, 2021

According to the global poker news, the poker case in Lithuania has received a solution from the Supreme Court of Lithuania. The gambling case was based on the contract of teaching poker, which led to the debt. The consideration process started on November 4, 2021. And the court had to set lawfulness of actions related to gambling.

The Supreme Court of Lithuania is the only establishment, which is able to consider decisions of the general jurisdiction courts. The objects for the Supreme Court are the most complicated and important cases.

The contract between a teacher (a plaintiff) and a player (a defendant) included the plaintiff’s responsibilities to teach the defendant to play poker games and to finance them. In the case of losing, the player was obliged to play online poker until the debt became covered. The player’s winnings were shared between all the parties, but when the player lost, the teacher demanded to pay off the debt.

After the consideration process had been started, the Lithuanian government made a statement about setting the legislation boundaries for gambling activity. It has been claimed that gambling activity isn’t encouraged by the government. This type of entertainment is also defined as dangerous for society.

As a total result, the Supreme Court of Lithuania dismissed the claim, based on the policy against gambling activity in the country. There was also claimed that the plaintiff was trying to draw the defendant into gambling. The decision is ultimate and can’t be changed.

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