Payments and Crypto Assets: Focuses to Consider in 2021

By | April 17, 2021

During the webinar “Fueling the FinTech Fire: Payments, Crypto & The Next Big Thing”, Adrian Sanders (CEO at Chargehound) and Reid Hoffman (Entrepreneur and Partner at Greylock) have discussed the most interesting financial news as well as the hottest trends in payments and cryptocurrencies.

The experts have highlighted the tendencies in the world of payments during the pandemic and spoken about cryptocurrencies in terms of investment.

Understanding of value and progress is crucial

The speakers have touched upon the topic of payments and changes that happened to them in 2020, which was a special year. Adrian Sanders has noted that many changes are mainly connected with customers’ behavior. In some regions, there was an explosion of digital payments, while emerging markets experienced only the process of their adoption. Reid Hoffman has supported this idea and said that payment companies should have a good structure to motivate people from emerging countries for progress. This can result in big market share opportunities.

Investments in crypto cash became another main topic for discussion as Reid Hoffman provided an interesting opinion on it and shared valuable tips. According to the expert, every investor should hold an asset that, first of all, will be appreciated. He has also used Coinbase as an example, saying that people consider it not like a payment website but a kind of asset. It is a safe, well-regulated, reliable place where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency fast and securely. Reid Hoffman has emphasized that the balance in crypto portfolio is an obvious thing to do because these currencies have ups and downs. As the crypto market allows a maximum of diversity due to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, investors can approach the buying process rationally, choosing various types of these digital assets.

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