Online Gambling in the World: What’s the Most Popular?

By | August 19, 2021

According to the latest casino news, after the global pandemic, online gambling has become very popular. This industry is now on the most successful and developed stage of all time. But what products of online gambling are the most popular in the promising German market and other successful markets?

The online gambling market in Germany was finally legalized in July 2021. For almost 2 months now online sports betting, poker, and slot machines are allowed to users.

One of the main reasons to legalize online gambling in Germany was users and their desire to bet online. 58% of players prefer online to offline products. Moreover, there are even more customers who prefer online gambling and casino sites in other European countries. From 69% to 76% of users in the UK and Italy choose online.

Lottery and sports betting are the most popular online products in 13 successful markets. But there’re some exceptions. Italian users prefer online poker and Indian people bet on fantasy sports a lot.

The popularity of the lottery is so clear. People hope for fortune and the magical moment of winning the incredible sum of money. Moreover, there’s a way to claim lottery anonymously. So ease of becoming a billionaire attracts people.

41% of respondents have said that other gambling products are more about entertainment.

Do players feel safe when gambling?

Some users are sure restrictions against gambling addiction are too strict in the markets of the UK and Italy (countries where there’re more gambling products than anywhere, except India).

66% of customers from the UK and 69% from Italy think that authorities of their country don’t do enough to protect gamblers.

However, it’s important to take into account what age and sex these gamblers are. The international gambling report from YouGov has proved the importance of these characteristics for susceptibility to gambling addiction.

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