Oleksandr Dovzhenko on Streaming Marketing in Gambling

By | November 17, 2021

Oleksandr Dovzhenko, CEO and Co-Founder of ENTER ESPORT and the expert on Twitch and YouTube services as the streaming platforms for promotion, shared his thoughts on the advantages of streaming marketing in the gambling industry.

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How does marketing on streaming platforms differ from other types of marketing? And how does streaming promotion influence audience growth in the gambling industry?

Streaming is a completely different type of marketing, which has different final results, as well.

Promotion on the streaming platforms is more resultative because of the public opinion leaders – Twitch streamers, for example. The content makers can lead their fans to any website and platform, because of the authoritative status.

However, not all of the users immediately follow the link that was promoted by the streamer. There was research, which has shown that around 50% of the users find the casino site of bookmaker later by memory because they heard about it earlier on the stream.

At what stage the operator should start streaming for promotion?

I would say it all depends on the marketing budget of the operator. And the best way to promote a website or any product is to mix streaming with another marketing type. I think streaming promotion should take 30%-50% of the whole marketing budget. And another half of the budget should go to the affiliate, for example. When it’s mixed, it works better.

Talking about statistics, for what gambling sector promotion on the streaming platforms does fit more perfectly?

Looking at the most popular categories on Twitch, such as esports, it’s obvious that bookmaker, which has a cybersport betting option will get significant visitors growth on the website. Moreover, a large part of content makers on Twitch are esports-related. It means that they can predict the outcomes of the events, advise the sportsbooks and it will be based on the professional experience in this sector. And users will follow the streamer’s advice because the streamer is trusted.

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