OG vs. Heroic Betting Predictions – Odds, Value, Pick

By | March 11, 2021
Pick: Heroic
Odds: -223
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Unlucky start to our ESL Pro League S13 betting adventure. We’ve gone with BIG to defeat OG in the opening round of group A. Unfortunately, the Germans weren’t able to close the match out on Nuke and they were no match to in-form niko on Inferno. Yessir, niko’s debut was a brilliant one – who could’ve predicted that. Obviously, not me…

However, I hope we’re going to turn a new page here, courtesy of our OG vs. Heroic picks! It’s the match that could potentially wrap up group A as far as the play-in spot is concerned. If Heroic triumphs against OG tomorrow, they will have four wins and zero losses, making up for a fine last-round show against Complexity.

But, we’re going too far into the future, boys and girls. Let’s concentrate on the task at hand and see what sort of CSGO betting value we can extrapolate from this contest!

OG vs. Heroic Betting Predictions

Let’s address the elephant in the room first.

NiKo won’t be playing for OG tomorrow. It would be a clear conflict of interest as he’s still under contract with Heroic and is only a temporary player for OG. That said, OG will have to play with NBK for one last time. It’s NBK’s final show with his OG teammates.

With all this in mind, one thing is clear – OG is coming into this one with one big minus. They’ve played with niko all three ESL PL S3 matches. Everything they’ve practiced was with niko onboard. He’s been their key player thus far, and having to play without him is a serious blow to their cause. It also has a great impact on our OG vs. Heroic predictions since it skews the complexity in Heroic’s way.

Latest Matches

Heroic should be satisfied with how they’ve been performing in group A so far. Three wins in three rounds, hoping for the fourth which would lead them straight into the play-in round. OG, on the other hand, lost against Complexity in the second round. It wasn’t even that big of a contest following overtime in the first map. The Danish team is the clear winner in this department – let’s move onward!

Map Depth

All things considered; Heroic’s map pool has that extra bit of oomph when compared to OG’s. The only map OG is definitely better on is Dust 2… and as we all know, that’s Heroic’s permaban. Without niko, I doubt they’ll have a good time on Inferno, which basically leaves them with nothing.

Heroic, on the other hand, have been absolutely superb on Overpass, and great on Vertigo, and Nuke. They should have the upper hand in the banning phase, especially now that niko is out of the equation for OG. That leads us to the next chapter of our OG vs. Heroic picks – roster strengths!

Roster Strengths

Heroic’s collective superiority is what needs proper emphasis here. cadiaN, stavn, and TeSeS can’t decide which of them is going to be the team’s top fragger this event. All three of them are in splendid form, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with niko-less OG.

Yep, there’s not much to add here besides stating the obvious – OG will feel niko’s absence. Don’t get me wrong, perhaps NBK gives us one last glimpse of his brilliance tomorrow… but even if that does happen, I doubt it’d be enough to push OG against Heroic.

OG vs. Heroic Picks

Heroic is the favorite team here, and with good reason, if I may add. I’ve repeated it several times already but I’ll repeat it one last time – there’s no way OG defeat Heroic without niko. He’s been their crucial player in two important wins. Without him, they won’t have the fragging potential to take Heroic down. Plus, their map pool is inferior – another reason why you should have your money on the Danish team.

Heroic to Win (-223)
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At -223, heroic match-winner offers more value than one might realize. This wouldn’t have been the case with niko onboard. But, without him, I just can’t see OG winning this one. End of discussion!

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