NSW Inquiry Probes Pokies Money Laundering

By | December 19, 2021

According to the latest casino news, Michael Barnes, the Commissioner of the New South Wales (NSW) Crime Commission, has requested an inspection into money laundering in places of entertainment. During the last year, gamblers spent $85 billion in pokies in clubs and pubs. However, there is no precise data about which part of this sum was delivered to the criminals.

Currently, the Commissioner calls for submissions on money laundering in the state. What is more, he is mainly focusing his attention on poker and gaming machines.

All public members, employees of clubs, and pubs (former and current ones) can give testimony till 28 January 2022.

The NSW authority works alongside the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority to probe such an activity in the state. The primary reason for this investigation was uncertainty on how much money criminal syndicates got from this activity and this unawareness from the operators and regulators sides.

The authorities do not have any confident clue about the involvement of criminals in this business. But Barnes suspects that syndicates are involved in money laundering to some extent.

Moreover, Barnes has great hopes in investigators, data analysts, and other experts to uncover this dirty activity. The success should help operators and regulators be one step ahead of syndicate gangs and make a profit while protecting their clients.

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