Norsk Tipping To Lower Monthly Loss Limit on Online Casino Games

By | September 3, 2021

As the latest news in the casino industry informs, Norwegian state-owned iGaming operator, Norsk Tipping, has lowered the monthly loss limit on online games. As of September 1, Norwegian players won’t be able to spend more than NOK5 000 per month at the iGaming platform.

The local casino articles report that the change will apply until further notice. The head of responsible gaming at the Norsk Tipping, Bjørn Helge Hoffmann, however, claims that the company is currently working to update the whole set of rules for online gambling.

New regulations were put in place to combat problem gambling

The reduced loss limit was initially introduced in December 2020, when it was lowered from NOK10 000 to NOK7 500. In addition, Norsk Tipping has also imposed a compulsory 15-minute break after an hour of continuous play, which is still in place. The measures were taken to minimize the number of high-risk gamblers that use online casino software in Norway.

The operator estimates that the 2021 limit will further improve the situation with problem gambling in the country and will reduce player’s losses by NOK150-175m annually.

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