New South Wales Man Wins the Lottery, Then Doubles His Money

By | April 6, 2022

A man from New South Wales, Australia, is figuring out what to do with a sudden windfall of cash. He won a recent lottery for a massive prize, which doubled in size.

Mon & Wed Lotto
A lottery player holds a ticket for Australia’s Mon & Wed Lotto. A recent winner saw double when his numbers hit. (Image: New York Post)

Winning the lottery once must be a great feeling. Winning it twice in one day has to be double that state of euphoria, as well.

A man in New South Wales (NSW) recently experienced that sensation following a massive win in Australia’s Mon & Wed Lotto. It’s not surprising that, after Victoria, NSW is a great place to buy lottery tickets.

Single Ticket, Double the Winnings

The unidentified man is a regular lottery player. He faithfully plays the same numbers each time – 20, 21, 13, 11, 16, 18. He knows his chances of winning aren’t great but, at some point, someone will win. That finally happened to him on March 30, although it took him a while to realize it.

The Port Macquarie resident told The Lott, the lottery’s administrator, today that he repeatedly neglected to check his ticket to see if he had won. He carried it around with him everywhere he went, but never realized he was holding over $1.5 million in his back pocket.

When he finally decided to take a look, he discovered that he had won. That surprise was twice as big, as his single ticket won two times.

The man played the exact same number twice on the same ticket, which counts as two separate lottery draws for the Mon & Wed Lotto. In the lottery, like most, each of the tickets that correctly matches all numbers receives a payout.

If one ticket hits all numbers in the Mon & Wed Lotto, the reward is AU$1 million (US$756,800). However, if there are five or more, the maximum prize of AU$4 million (US$3.02 million kicks in).

On March 30, the man’s lucky day, there were five winning tickets. As a result, all five shared the prize pool, receiving AU$800,000 (US$604,480) each. Since he played two lines with the same numbers, he claimed two prices, or AU$1.6 million (US$1.2 million).

The winner now wants to buy a new car, a home and to “make sure our family is looked after.”

Not the Only Big Win Recently

Although it is well known that the odds of winning any lottery draw are minimal, many people regularly play in hopes of striking it rich. However, there is no exact manual on how to win. Science has shown over the years that any combination has the same chance of winning.

Given this, many people seek to follow a strategy with sentimental value. In many cases, like the NSW winner, they always play the same numbers. Special dates such as births of children, death of a family member or important romantic dates are some of the most common options.

Although relying on familiar numbers does not increase the chances of winning, it becomes almost a ritualistic superstition. For a family in Canada, the superstition finally paid off – after 36 years.

With their children’s birthdays, Joery and Lana Leung won the biggest prize of the Lotto 6-49 lottery. It offers a main jackpot of at least CAD$5 million (US$3.99 million), although it includes a rollover.

The family had an approximate chance of hitting the combination of one in 14 million. It worked and, after a substantially long, 36-year wait, the Leungs took home CAD$6 million (US$4.79 million) in March.

That was the second big payout in the Lotto 6-49 last month. Two relatives won CAD$8 million (US$6.4 million) in the draw on March 9.

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