New Social Media Ad Rules and How They Affect Gambling Industry

By | November 19, 2021

Social media and search platforms have become powerful tools for the promotion of casino & betting services and products.

According to the UKGC research, in 2020, 49% of consumers have seen gambling ads on social media platforms.

However, there are certain rules and regulations that limit the extent of gambling advertising in media. And as we live in a constantly changing world, the updates in advertising guidelines from the companies can have a significant impact on online gambling businesses.

Read this article to know about the latest updates in the advertising guidelines of social medial platforms and search engines that had an influence on the iGaming industry and were highlighted in the hottest gambling business news.

Google and gambling advertising

Google is a search engine, which is widely used for advertising gambling services: be it SEO campaigns, or simple ads on Google pages, or promotion in Google Play apps, etc.

To run their ads on Google, gambling ops have to:

receive Google certification;
target approved regions;
don’t target minors;
have a landing page, where information about responsible gambling is displayed.

It also should be noted that, when it comes to the marketing of gambling, country restrictions apply. According to Google advertising policies, casino and sportsbook ads can be shown only to users in regions where gambling is legal. And in some regions (Russia, Poland, and Slovenia) only lottery adverts can be displayed.

Google also displays certain gambling ad categories by default, while the others should be manually allowed by the user.

Default gambling ad categories on Google

Other categories

betting on financial spread;
sports competitions and match promotion;
fantasy sports;
location-based gambling;
accessories for offline gambling.

online casino;
sports betting;
betting tips and odds;
education materials;
bonus codes.

These are the basic Google ad policies that concern gambling. But Google updates gambling ads rulebook is regularly. So, lets’ review the most recent changes in the Google advertising rules that concern the gambling sector.

Promotion of social casinos on Google

Social casino games, which don’t have monetary prizes, can be promoted only to two groups of countries and certain restrictions apply.  Adds are allowed only for licensed casino operators (or an advertising agency working on ops’ behalf); if the advertisers don’t use real-money gambling logos, marks, or names.

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