New Promotion Methods in the Betting Market

By | November 15, 2021

As the first deposit bonus becomes a somewhat controversial topic, many online sportsbooks are looking for new methods to attract and retain customers. The latest news about the bookmaking sector also often highlights this issue.

During the SBC Betting on Sports Europe conference a panel of experts focused on the player incentives for online bettors. The discussion titled “Brand Building – an alternative to the sign-up bonus” was dedicated to finding more suitable promotion methods for the betting ops.

Experts propose new ways of player retention

According to the speakers at the panel, bonuses remain among the top reasons for picking a sportsbook, many ops use sing-up incentives to increase their gambling profits and strengthen customer retention. However, sportsbooks need to find new less contentious ways to grab the bettor’s attention.

John Gordon, CEO of Incentive Games, has stated that ops should provide players with the original products. The expert believes that playable widgets and free-to-play games could be effective promotional tools for gambling companies.

The speaker has also mentioned specifics of marketing sportsbooks to customers in the US. According to Gordon, it is important to make the consumer journey as seamless and fast as possible because American players rarely do anything that requires over 5 clicks.

Lloyd Danzig, the Managing Partner at Sharp Alpha Advisors, has highlighted the efficiency of socially relevant and personalized promotions. The expert has also mentioned a new app – a sort of “Shazam for sports betting.” It is a B2B tool, which allows a customer to hold up a phone to the screen where one of the most-watched sports events is broadcasted and instantly know the best betting odds for the game. 

Temur Mikeladze, the Chairman of Crocobet, has added that the new customer segmentation is crucial when instating a sign-up bonus. Sportsbook ops should know where their brand stands in terms of the average age of the customer. Mikeladze has also vouched for more value to the customer and gamification as vital parts of a sportsbook marketing strategy. He provided an example of a customer retention technique that was successful in the Georgian market, where a landing page of the betting website featured up to 20 checkpoints with slots/sports wheels with attractive incentives. The expert added that this tool was effective when the path was clear and a customer had an additional life in case they failed.

Gabriele Sarti, Co-Founder & Director of the Gamecast Group, has noted that live streaming can be a powerful marketing tool, as it creates shortcuts to the usual onboarding of the new customers. The trustworthy voice of a content creator as well as comments on the live chat also add value to the bookmaker’s brand, generate more interest among the customers, and create a sense of urgency.

Sarti has also pointed out that Telegram is becoming a new channel for performance marketing, which creates opportunities for generating conversation with the customer.

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