New Gambling Restrictions on Twitch

By | August 14, 2021

According to the latest casino news, more and more operators want to use Twitch as a streaming platform for development. But recently, the biggest streaming platform decided to set limits for gambling promotion and referral links. What was the reaction of the operators and users? And what was the reason for this decision?

The main limit for streamers on this platform is the absence of the opportunity to promote gambling links or codes. The first action that was taken by the platform is the message to all content creators to remove all promotional content, which is related to gambling, including slots, roulette, and dice games. So, the opportunity to use Twitch stock for the promotion of gambling products won’t be available anymore, too.

Twitch decided to notice the gambling promotion on the platform after the big discussion in the community. Debates between popular streamers drew a lot of attention to gambling. The first post about the new restriction was on August 11.

The next actions of Twitch

The next goal for Twitch is monitoring more closely gambling-related content. The way of moderating the gambling content will be updated so the platform could become comfortable for users.

Until the new restrictions will be active, streamers can delete all content related to gambling of any kind. The new gambling policy will start on August 17.

However, streams of gambling content are not banned yet. But limits on the promotion can significantly reduce the income if users cannot go to the casino site or slots.

Twitch has demonstrated that complaints and wishes of the users are noted. The streaming platform cares about its users so the right decision for the majority of creators and viewers will be found.

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