New Approach to Addiction Prevention Presented in Spain

By | February 25, 2021

Even though Spanish officials report about the low level of gambling addiction in the country, non-governmental organizations still try to reduce harmful effects. Jdigital and FEJAR agreed on a new method and will try it in the near future. The LoginCasino team keeps covering the most interesting casino news, now describing an unusual case from Spain.

The issue of problematic gambling is always actual, even if the country reports comparatively low rates. Thus, two Spanish organizations signed a deal to try a new method for coping with addiction and help those who need help.

The agreement involves two organizations: FEJAR and Jdigital. The first one is an experienced structure that helps people with addiction, while the second one is the gambling trade association. Jdigital has some prominent members like state lottery Sisal and huge international brand Flutter; all the members agreed to join the initiative.

The discussed method seems to be quite simple: all the Jdigital’s operators will promote the free telephone helpline via all the digital sources.

Can this method be really helpful?

FEJAR’s representatives say the organization will be publishing regular reports on the effect of this new preventive step. Having a lot of experience in the sector, FEJAR hopes it will promote an easier perception of the problem gambling behavior by addicts and allow them to contact professionals freely.

Gambling operators hope this step will promote safer gambling in society, which is an already obligatory action for licensed operators.

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