Nevada Gaming Commission to Establish Self-Exclusion Website List

By | June 17, 2021

The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) has recently announced plans that would require the state to implement a state-wide self-exclusion website list for online gambling within the state. A recent trend seen in several states around the country, self-exclusion directories are a way for states to keep track of online gambling activity and a way for players to self-limit if they think they might have a problem.

In addition to these advantages, this action by the state gaming commission seems to portend changes coming to online gambling in Nevada. Many analysts are predicting big news to online gambling legislation in the state of Nevada. Let’s dive in and see what’s happening.

What is a self-exclusion list?

A voluntary measure for limiting a player’s gambling tendencies, a self-exclusion list allows players to add their names to an online directory, which would prohibit them from accessing online iGaming sites.

While these types of state-administered online directories will be a record for state officials and means of blocking online gaming sites for those who wish to restrain themselves, they do not affect a player’s ability to gamble at a land-based casino.

The importance of self-exclusion

Studies have shown that while there is no evidence that suggests self-exclusion lists reduce the incidence rate of problem gambling among at-risk players, it does offer a way out for those seeking help or simply keeping themselves accountable.

Alan Feldman, a distinguished fellow at UNLV’s International Gaming Institute explained that “The act of signing up for it is a very validating and affirming action because it is now that moment where you’ve said, ‘I need to do something’, and that often is a critical moment in a problem gambler’s journey.”

Taking that first step is sometimes the hardest part and the jumping-off point to getting back on a track to playing responsibly or quitting for good. A self-exclusion list is one of the most efficient tools gamblers have at their disposal if they are trying to curb their gambling habit.

Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) & Regulation 5A

The NGC has recently approved a change to Regulation 5A, a part of Nevada’s gaming regulations, paving the way for the establishment of the self-exclusion list. Plans include the list to be administered by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, working in cooperation with legal operators in the state and updated daily with new additions.  

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