NaVi vs. Gambit Betting Predictions – Odds, Picks and Value

By | February 25, 2021
Pick: NaVi to Win 2:1
Odds: +250
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The group stage was wrapped up this weekend! Now it’s time for the big-boy games; now it’s time for the playoffs! There are just six teams left. Four of them start off from the quarterfinals while the two first-place teams in the group stage await their opponent in the semifinal. Navi won the second place in group B, Gambit won third place in group A following a massive upset against G2. NaVi vs. Gambit predictions are here to see if Gambit can make another upset on Friday.

The two CIS sides know each other well; they go a long way, with Natus Vincere being by far the bigger and more respected organization… in CSGO, at least. In fact, NaVi are the reigning champions of the IEM World Championship – Gambit will have a whole lot of work on their hands, that’s for sure!

NaVi vs. Gambit Betting Predictions

Where should we start? As always, we’ll be going through the three key areas of importance for CSGO betting enthusiasts; Form, depth, and roster qualities. I reckon the latter definitely goes in favor of the renowned CIS champions, but the first two might be up for grabs.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Latest Matches

Gambit had to take the long road to the playoffs. The longest possible road, mind you. They played from the play-in stage, beating Team One and Mousesports on their way to the group stage. They lost to EG in the opening round, and when everyone thought Mousesports were going to have their revenge, Gambit swept them 2:0 and went onto Heroic in the next stage.

Yep, another win for the CIS side, another splendid, clutch-packed performance by sh1ro. This dude is just something else right now! And that’s not even their biggest group stage upset! Sh1ro and the Gambit lads went on to eliminate G2 as well, bringing their major eliminations tally up to three.

Natus Vincere’s form is not to be taken for granted either. They aren’t just the reigning IEM WC champions, they’re also coming into this match following dominant displays on both BLAST Premier Spring Groups and Global Final. We have to give kudos to Gambit for their recent displays, but as far as upsets go, I reckon Astralis is too big of a bite for them.

But, let’s not jump to any conclusions here; we still have a long way to go with our NaVi vs. Gambit predictions!

Map Depth

Gambit’s depth seems slightly superior, but that’s most likely due to lower quality opposition. Nuke and Dust 2 are the maps NaVi will fancy on Friday, while Gambit will want to secure either Overpass or Vertigo. I reckon they have a shot at taking NaVi down on both of those. Mirage or Inferno – one of these is bound to be the decider map.

Why do I think we’re going to see the decider here? Well, the last two head-to-head matches finished 2:0, but both were very tough contests on the second map. With Gambit currently in great form, I expect them to find that extra bit of oomph and win at least one round against S1mple and the NaVi boys.

Roster Strengths

As hinted earlier, Natus Vincere’s roster is hands down the better one! Even though Gambit might be in great form, they’re still the inferior side when compared to the likes of S1mple and Electronic. The same story works for almost every other team on the planet… except perhaps for G2, Vitality, and Astralis.

Though, we have to mention Sh1ro as the most important player on this Gambit roster. The 19-year-old AWPer has been strutting his stuff lately, securing twelve clutches and four 1v2 round wins. Are we looking at the Russian Xyp9x here?

Nafany has to be mentioned as well. Gambit’s clutch potential is real – both sh1ro and nafany are in the top five when looking at the group stage of this event… making their upset potential real too…

But, from all I’ve seen thus far, Gambit has the potential to snatch one map away from NaVi. S1mple and the boys have enough experience in them to close this one out in proper fashion. I believe in them, so this is what I’m going with for my NaVi vs. Gambit predictions:

NaVi vs. Gambit Picks

Gambit is in fine form, to say the least. They are currently the fifteenth best CSGO team in the world, according to HLTV rankings… and that ought to jump even further assuming they keep their form.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll jump higher following their match against NaVi. Gambit will be a tough nut to crack for s1mple and the boys, but I doubt they’ll fail to close this one out. There’s too much experience in the current NaVi roster; they rarely have closure issues.

NaVi to Win 2:1 –+250
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