Morten Ronde on What Operators Should Know When Planning to Enter Danish Gambling Market

By | February 17, 2021

Denmark is an attractive gambling market for a large number of operators, and its license is very popular among companies. However, it has several peculiarities, which are important to know when this country is in your focus.

Morten Ronde, a lawyer, lobbyist, and entrepreneur with experience in the gambling industry has provided an outlook on the market of Denmark, explained the regulatory framework, and discussed other topics, which are frequently raised in gambling news stories. 

Why is Denmark’s gambling license one of the most popular licenses among online operators throughout the world?

Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to adopt a sustainable gambling licensing model. The government intended to channel all of the illegal gambling into a legal and licensed gambling market with proper consumer protection. This could only be done by allowing the gambling industry operators to provide services under market conditions where they can offer all of the most popular games without too many restrictions. I think this is something that Denmark has succeeded in.

Which legal obstacles may operators face while entering the Danish gambling market?

It is not easy to get a license in Denmark. An applicant company has to go through heavy scrutiny from the regulator. Also, when the operator is licensed, it has to comply with the Danish regulation, which is perhaps a bit stricter than in other countries such as Malta.

Does the Danish government put pressure on the gambling business? If yes, what was done during the last year?

The Danish government increased the tax rate on gambling from 20% to 28% in 2021. This puts a lot of pressure on the profit margins of licensed operators, and it makes it easier for unlicensed gambling operators to get market shares. This is something that can become a problem.

What about gambling advertising in the country? What promotion channels are available to operators, in addition to digital space? Can they advertise their products, for example, on TV or radio?

Yes, the gambling operators can advertise their products on all available media. However, they must be sure not to target people who are under 18, and the operator has to include information about responsible gambling measures, such as the national self-exclusion registry and a +18 message. 

It is a well-known fact that the country’s government is very strict about illegal gambling. Does it really help to detect and cease operations of unlicensed companies as well as to protect players from gambling addiction?

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