Michael Dugher: “Gambling Advertising Needs Right Balance”

By | September 10, 2021

Michael Dugher, a chief executive of the Betting and Gaming Council, has provided his opinion on the negative effects of gambling advertising in one of the political magazines.

The Council CEO has discussed the topic of gambling ads and sports betting sponsorships ban, which is frequently raised in gambling news articles.

All advertising is annoying, gambling ads aren’t a bigger evil

According to Mr. Dugher, when he spoke with specialists and respondents about their attitude to gambling-related ads, they answered that all adverts are annoying without distinguishing the industry’s promotions as the biggest problem. The BGC chief executive says that those who are against gambling in the UK have launched a real campaign to speak about the harm from such advertisements. At the same time, the industry hopes for an evidence-based approach to this issue.

Michael Dugher confirms that it is of high importance to protect vulnerable social groups. However, he insists that there should be a reasonable balance between high standards for advertising and protection from problem gambling and the opportunity for people to enjoy betting on sports. He has also added that some studies prove that there isn’t a direct connection between gambling addiction and exposure to the casino and betting ads. More data about the situation with gambling addiction in the UK are available on the Login Casino website.

In addition to this, sports also benefit from gambling partnerships, and such collaborations become considerable support for the industry. The BGC CEO says that, nonetheless, gambling advertising shouldn’t be treated as harm or the reason for problem gambling.

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