MGA Implements Changes To Enhance Sports Betting Integrity

By | October 8, 2021

Sports integrity is among the major topics for discussion in the news about the betting industry. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), along with other industry representatives, is concerned about the topic.

The MGA has informed that it is going to try new approaches to prevent suspicious cases of wagering on sports and enhance the already existing tools.

MGA’s Sports Betting Integrity department developed new ways

According to the Maltese regulator, its department responsible for sports betting integrity has developed and introduced new ways how to improve fair play in the most played sports in the world.

Starting from the beginning of October, the following changes came into force for the bookmaking sector in Malta:

Both operators and sports betting software providers are required to inform the Authority about the cases connected with suspicious betting.
The MGA, in its turn, undertakes to inform licensed providers about suspicious cases of wagering. However, it will be done with sources of the information remaining anonymous.

The regulatory body is sure that these methods will help operators to pay more attention to sports betting integrity. Gambling companies, after getting alerts, can check their systems to make sure that they aren’t involved in unlawful situations. The MGA will benefit from this by having a well-informed space where operators and the regulator share the data. This will allow the Authority to assess risks and combat corruption in the sector. More about other regulators’ actions against illegal betting can be found on the Login Casino site.

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