Mark Grech About the Latest Trends in Online Casino Marketing

By | August 11, 2021

Many of the hottest gambling news articles are centered around the marketing of online casinos. As iGaming is a constantly evolving industry, new trends emerge in the marketing vertical as well.

Mark Grech, Head of Gaming & Business Development at Game Lounge Group, shared his opinion on the future of marketing in the iGaming sector with Login Casino readers. The expert also talked about ad bans on TikTok, casino live streamers, and the best tools for gamification.

What are the latest trends in the marketing vertical of the iGaming industry?

The iGaming industry is a very fast-paced space, where marketing trends are always changing and evolving. It’s important that you always identify new opportunities and test various marketing strategies across your portfolio of products.

A good example of the latest trends across iGaming is video marketing or live streaming of various casino operators and slot games, which is creating an extra layer of interaction. Slot tournaments are another good example, which gives the customer a competition feel and engages further within the casino platform.

Which countries do you consider the most promising in terms of iGaming?

Each country offers something special and operates differently from one another. Though there are always strong markets that in a way are more rewarding, Asia and LATAM are always solid and interesting markets to work in. During the pandemic, we have seen new growth in emerging markets, for example, the United States, where we are already operating across 5 states.

How did the recent ban on gambling ads on TikTok affect the affiliate companies?

TikTok has been one of the emerging social platforms to be used across marketing, especially to attract customers with truly engaging content, which affiliate companies purely look for.

Since the recent ban, affiliate companies saw a change in both social impressions and organic search, especially in countries where the APP is heavily used, which currently data shows that the US, Asia, and Eastern EU are at the top of the charts.

Mark, what is your opinion on signing live streamers as affiliates for gambling operators? Is streaming just a hot trend in the industry, or could it become a reliable marketing tool?

I’m sure everybody heard about sometime or another, where millions of viewers watch others play various esports games, and nowadays we have categories dedicated to casinos and social chats. Throughout the past years, this has started to evolve across the casino industry, which created a new way to engage with the users, and I feel it’s just the beginning and it will evolve in various ways to promote casinos and even sports products.

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