Login Casino Work: Types of Gambling Jobs and Salaries

By | December 17, 2021

Online gambling is set to become one of the most profitable industries in 2022. The research center H2 Gaming Capital estimates the global iGaming market is going to cost over $100 billion in five years. However, with the expansion of the market, competition for jobs becomes fiercer as well. That’s where work search services like Login Casino Work can come in handy.

LC Work is an online platform specially designated for a job search in the gambling and IT sectors. The service helps match professionals with the top-notch employers in the iGaming market, automating the process. The website provides employment opportunities to specialists who want to enter the gambling niche. It also helps gambling companies hire the best employees.

Launched on June 30, 2021, LC Work is a new product in the market. Nonetheless, it has a unique offer for the iGaming sphere. The platform is more than just a job search website. It provides necessary support at all stages of the employment process. Job applicants can get advice on creating a CV, know about the latest industry trends, and see the ranking of the top iGaming companies, and much more. 

Learn more about this Login Casino project in the article. Find out the main features and benefits of the Login Casino Work website and discover job opportunities that this service can help get.  

Employment opportunities with Login Casino Work

The Login Casino Work platform is divided into two sections – for employers and employees. In an additional blog section, users can find up-to-date information about the iGaming market and tips for those searching for work. LC work also keeps a rating of the best employers in the online gambling market. Let’s look more closely at the section for potential employees.

Only persons over 21 years can apply for jobs with the Login Casino Work service. They can do so in two ways:

Upload a CV on the site. The applicant’s profile includes job title, age, desired salary, location, whether they are ready to relocate, education, and more.  
Apply for one of the offers posted in the “job openings” section. New job vacancies are posted every day.

The Login Casino Work has already accepted 183 CVs from the applicants, and 88 companies have posted their job offers. Currently, there are around 30 job vacancies on the site.

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