Live Betting Secrets to Beat the Sportsbooks

By | March 12, 2021

Live betting is one of the most exciting experiences in the world of sports betting. You bet after a match starts, meaning you only have 60 minutes for an NFL game, 90 minutes in soccer, and 48 minutes in a basketball match.

How you utilize this time determines how much fun and money you make. Truth be told, betting on games in real-time isn’t easy. Odds change at fractions of a second. Betting mistakes can cost you a lot while you have pretty small windows for making great bets.

So, how do you beat the odds to make money on live betting? Here are some actionable tips.

Choose the right betting site

The first rule of live betting is to choose a great betting site. This is where you’ll select betting markets, get your odds, bet, and withdraw your money. If it’s unreliable in any sense of the word, then you’ll have an awful betting experience.

Start with safety. The safest betting sites according to this guide are licensed, secure, and trustworthy. A genuine license helps you confirm the bookie is authorized to operate in your jurisdiction. By contrast, certain features like SSL encryption help secure your data.

Safety aside, you want to bet on a trustworthy bookmaker. It’s the only way you can be confident you’ll get paid if you win. And if something happens, say a technical hiccup, you can be assured the issue will get sorted. That said, look for top-rated bookies so that you get a wide array of betting markets with competitive odds.

Choose a match from your favorite sport

The keyword is your favorite sport. You don’t want to bet on your favorite team because you could get emotional and throw your winning chances out of the window. However, picking matches from your favorite sport increases your odds.

Let’s say you love basketball. You also know Steph Curry is an excellent free throw player. If the point guard gets fouled moments before halftime, you can quickly bet on the Warriors to lead by halftime. This is a bet you would win based on your knowledge of the sport, but someone else who knows little about basketball could lose it.

Another reason to focus on sports you like is that specialization makes you an expert. When you dedicate most of your time to football, you’ll have excellent knowledge about the sport. But if you split your time among MMA, boxing, baseball, and hockey, then it can be challenging to become an expert on one of them.

Analyze games before they start

Another live betting tip is to analyze a match before it starts. This gives you an overview of what to expect. But more importantly, you get to know the odds and capitalize on them once the game begins. To expound more, bookies change the odds within the first 20 minutes of a match.

Let’s say you want to predict a soccer game between the USA and Canada. Team US have odds -110 to beat Canada (+150). Then you do research and get confident the US men’s team will win the match. You can wait until 15 minutes into the game to bet on the US.

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