Lithuanian Anti-Corruption Institution Is on Alert About New Bill

By | October 6, 2021

The news in the legal sector informs that Lithuania’s Special Investigation Service – an institution responsible for the detection and inspection of corruption offenses – has doubts about the new bill.

According to the official body, the introduction of the law allowing operators to provide only web-based services will lead to their advantage over brick-and-mortar casinos.

Online ops will secure themselves more favorable conditions

The amendments to the Lithuanian current law have already been discussed in the gambling online magazine Login Casino. The country’s government has decided to make changes to gambling legislation, namely to reconsider the iGaming sector. The amendments are focused on licensing and taxes for online operators.

Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania has assessed the law and forecast how it may influence the industry. According to its representatives, the new type of licenses, which allows companies to offer only online services without having a land-based venue, will have a considerable impact on the live gambling vertical. iGaming operators will have to comply with less administrative regulations in comparison to the land-based sector. For example, companies will obtain a remote license for an indefinite period, while licenses for brick-and-mortar gambling establishments are given for a certain term.

The anti-corruption body has emphasized that the law lacks details as many gambling products and aspects haven’t been considered and need more clarity.

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