Lifeline for Land-Based Gambling Sector Welcomed by BGC

By | March 4, 2021

The UK’s Chancellor presented the decision to help retail businesses by extending the furlough scheme until autumn at least. The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) praises such a step that will help a lot of small businesses to survive. The LoginCasino team follows the latest legislation news in gambling, now explaining in more detail what has happened and how it will help the industry.

According to the official information, about 44 thousand people are working in Britain’s land-based gambling sector, which has been going through tough times for almost a year. Closures caused by the coronavirus and lockdown have already led to 5 thousand job-losses, and almost 400 small businesses have been eliminated.

In this regard, the official standards and consultancy body, the Betting and Gaming Council, has asked governors to develop some kind of furlough scheme that will save the financial potential of retail gambling in the country. BGC insisted that the sector plays an important role in the country’s financial structure as it contributes billions of pounds to the Kingdom’s budget annually.

Does it mean that retail gambling will reopen earlier?

In January, Britons were informed about the schedule of returning to normal life. Boris Johnson presented a three-stage plan, where betting shops could be reopened not earlier than on April 12, while casinos and other retail gambling businesses would return to life only on May 17.

Even though the BGC has criticized such restrictions for the industry, this schedule remains actual. However, retail gambling businesses will receive financial support and ease of financial pressure related to saving staff, which is the biggest spending item in their bills.

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