Legislation News of the Week: UK Bans Marketing to High-Risk Players, Armenia Proposes Cash Gambling Ban, KSA Warns about Autoplay at Casino

By | April 15, 2022
GB’s Gambling Commission has prohibited ops from marketing and offering new bonuses to at-risk players. The UK gambling was also accused of exploiting the National Lottery’s good causes fund. At the same time, Armenia’s parliament considers a ban on cash and e-wallets funding gambling activities. The Dutch gambling watchdog celebrates the successful implementation of gambling reforms and informs about the fall in unauthorized activities. KSA has also notified its licensees that the autoplay feature is illegal, stating that they could face a €300k fine for offering it.

UKGC bans marketing to at-risk gamblers

The Gambling Commission of the UK has released a new rulebook on protecting customers at high levels of risk. All online gambling companies with the UKGC license (including third-party providers) must comply with this regulation.

The rules are aimed at ensuring that ops identify at-risk players and take action to protect them. The iGaming businesses are required to:

look for specific indicators to identify gambling harm;
mark these indicators and promptly take an action;
atomate all necessary processes to react to strong harm indicators;
remove all marketing and intake of new bonuses for customers at risk;
analyze their interactions with customers and ensure these communications are at the relevant level of problem gambling;
exhibit these evaluations to the GC.

But, perhaps, the most important part of the regulation is a ban on marketing and take-up of new bonus offers for the at-risk player.

The legislation will come into force on September 12, 2022. To ensure full compliance and understanding from its licensees, the Commission will issue guidance on the new regulation and contact ops individually.

Armenia debates ban on cash gambling

After outlawing all gambling ads earlier this year, Armenia continues to tighten regulations on games of chance. The country’s parliament is now debating a crackdown on payment methods at casinos and sportsbooks.

The Armenian lawmakers are considering a bill from the Civil Contract block, which would ban gambling with cash, including via payment terminals. The draft legislation also would block gambling with e-wallets. This prohibition, however, will be implemented six months after the initial ban.

If Armenia’s parliament passes the legislation, bank transactions will become the only legal payment method for gambling activities.

The Member of the Parliament Georg Papoyan has stated that the Civil Contract bill is a part of a larger reform that aims to combat gambling addiction in the country. Papoyan has also said that the bill is targeted at socially vulnerable Armenians and those who suffer from gambling addiction. MP also believes the ban on cash gambling will prevent underage gambling, as there are age restrictions on opening a bank account.

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