Latvian Gambling Inspection Reports High Self-Exclusion Rates

By | November 12, 2021

Latvian Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection has reported high numbers of self-excluded players in the country. According to the local casino industry news, over 16 200 Latvians have voluntarily entered the official self-exclusion register – Pašatteikušos.

The gambling authority of Latvia launched the Pašatteikušos register back in 2020. The minimum term for which players can exclude from casino sites is 12 months. Latvia is one of 16 EU states that have introduced self-exclusion as a safer gambling tool.

In two years since the launch of Pašatteikušos, 22 872 Latvian players were excluded from gambling. However, the self-exclusion period for 6 642 players has already ended. Most (96%) of self-excluded Latvians are male, 61% of which are from 20 to 36 years old.

The head of the Latvian gambling authority, Signe Birne, has commented on the matter. Birne states that significant results were achieved within two years of the register’s launch, with the majority of the excluded players filling in the application voluntarily.

Latvia launched the register after the Ministry of Health alert

Latvian self-exclusion register was introduced as a response to the 2019 study conducted by the Ministry of Health. In the research, the Ministry found out that 79 000 Latvians were likely to develop an addiction to gambling, and 16 000 of these persons already have had a gambling problem.

In addition to the Pašatteikušos register, the Lotteries Gambling Supervisory Inspection provides free psychological advice to the players that feel that their gambling is excessive. In 2020, certified specialists consulted 304 gamblers and organized 10 support groups. However, 249 of 304 sessions were provided upon the player’s application for self-exclusion. Latvian residents can request a therapy session via phone or email.

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