Latest on the UK’s Gambling Review: New Report on Betting Shops

By | September 15, 2021

The rules and regulations surrounding gambling within the UK are under constant review to keep up with consumer demands and trends around how we bet.

The UK Gambling Commission is keen to ensure that gambling operators throughout the UK operate a responsible gambling policy. A big part of this is making sure that rules, regulations, and guidelines keep up with how people are betting, as this often changes due to marketing trends and changes in technology.

The latest report on gambling

To make sure that rules and regulations are as up-to-date as possible, there have to be regular reviews on how we are gambling throughout the UK and how betting trends have changed. For example, during the height of the lockdowns throughout the UK last year, there was an increase in the popularity surrounding online gambling. With people unable to go out and socialize/seek entertainment they turned to online services instead – which is where online casinos and betting came into play. Lots of casino operators reported record numbers of transactions throughout 2020 and this trend is likely to continue throughout the start of 2021. Although things might settle down now that physical bookmakers and land-based casinos are back open, there is no doubt that online betting and iGaming opportunities are more accessible than ever, which is what will help drive a consistent review of gambling regulations.

What did the report show?

As well as an increase in online casinos, the report showed a trend in the location of betting shops throughout the UK. It is estimated that around 20% of all gambling premises within the UK can now be found within the poorest areas of the country. According to a study by the University of Bristol, you are around 10 times more likely to find a betting shop in a poorer town than you are in a more affluent area.  It also found that Glasgow, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, and London are the areas with the highest number of betting premises per capita. The location of betting shops alongside the trend for people being keen to use online gambling will undoubtedly have contributed to the Government’s decision to review the Gambling Act.

What are they likely to review?

The Gambling Commission and the Government carry out gambling reviews based on consumer trends and customer behavior. They have reviewed several betting services recently including things like The National Lottery. Earlier this year the minimum age for buying a ticket for The National Lottery was raised from 16 to 18. With The National Lottery being more accessible in physical shops and online, steps were taken to ensure that those that were younger could not place a bet – in line with lots of slot machines and all gambling websites.

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