Jose Canseco’s Next Fight Could Come Against Alex Rodriguez

By | March 4, 2021

In early February, former MLB star Jose Canseco once again competed in an amateur combat sporting event. As many predicted, he was quickly defeated. This loss didn’t seem to derail his ambitions in the fight game, though. New reports claim that Jose Canseco’s next fight could come against a fellow baseball legend.

Jose seems determined to get a fight against Alex Rodriguez. This is just one of the opponents he has in mind. Today, we’ll discuss whether or not Canseco will ever compete in the boxing ring again.

Let’s get into it!

The Celebrity Boxing Train is Not Slowing Down

The sport of boxing is growing more popular every single year. It’s not a surprise when considering how many high-level boxers are now competing in the sport. Many feel that the rise in celebrity-style fights has actually helped the sport grow more popular, too.

The Paul brothers seem to be helping this sport to grow. Back in 2018, they competed in a highly-publicized amateur boxing event. Both Logan and Jake have since turned pro and have upcoming bouts planned in the future.

Logan is set to take on former pound-for-pound boxing great Floyd Mayweather sometime this spring. Jake will be fighting Ben Askren in a big fight this April. Hardcore fans may take issue with these fighters in the ring, yet there’s no doubt they draw in viewers.

Celebrity boxing fights are becoming more common. There are many scheduled to take place over the next few months. Even Lamar Odom is preparing for an upcoming fight inside the squared circle!

Barstool Sports has been in the combat sports game for years with their “Rough N’ Rowdy” events. In early February, Jose Canseco competed in one of these events against a Barstool intern, Billy Football. He lost that fight in the first round and was highly criticized for his performance.

A loss never kept Jose down in the past. It now appears that he is already looking ahead to future opponents.

Could We See Jose Canseco’s Next Fight Booked Soon?

There are reasons why celebrity boxing has never truly broken into the mainstream. Generally speaking, these bouts are sloppy and don’t live up to people’s expectations. That was certainly the case with the fight between Jose Canseco and Billy Football.

Unfortunately, Canseco appears confident he will compete again. He’s never won a combat sporting contest yet promoters continue to book him into fights. Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy was one of the most vocal critics of this fact.

This week, Jose was interviewed and asked about his most recent bout. During the conversation, he claimed to come into that fight injured. He then listed some of the possible opponents he would like to face in the future. That includes long-time MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

“I don’t know why. I just can’t stand that guy,” Jose said when asked why he wants to fight A-Rod. “Him and I go back a long way. I knew him since he was 18 years old… Of course, eventually, Logan Paul – with the issue of my daughter and their breakup. But of course losing this fight kind of derailed everything. But I think after I heal up 100% — make sure the knee is 100%, make sure the shoulders are 100%, make sure I train properly – I will be back in that ring for sure.”

Not many people are going to line up to watch Jose Canseco’s next fight. He seems to realize he can simply step into the ring and fold to earn a big payday. Anything is possible, though, and there is a chance that Rodriguez will want to fight him.

The world of celebrity boxing is moving forward. Now might be a good time to look ahead at some of the bouts we mentioned earlier!

Here’s How to Bet on Jake Paul’s Next Fight Online!

Logan Paul was one of the first true social media stars to enter into the fight game. It was a successful venture for the young YouTuber. He’s since moved into other businesses and it’s unclear when his fight against Mayweather will take place.

Jake Paul has taken over as the most-talked-about celebrity boxer alive right now. No one believes he can compete against legitimate boxers. Instead, he’s focused on competing against MMA fighters with limited experience in striking.

On April 24, he’ll be taking on former UFC star Ben Askren. It’s a fight that is quickly generating a huge amount of media attention. Many in the mixed martial arts community are hoping to see Ben get the stoppage victory against Jake.

BetOnline is offering odds on all the action! Jake Paul comes into this fight as the -265 favorite. He’s now 2-0 as a professional boxer. It’s important to note, however, that neither of his past opponents has any prior boxing experience.

Ben Askren was a high-level MMA fighter for years but comes into this fight as just the +205 underdog. He’s never been known for his striking skills. He seems to be taking this challenge seriously and vows to drag Paul into deep water before getting the knockout.

Do you want to see Jose Canseco’s next fight? How do you think Jake Paul fares against Ben Askren? Let us know in the comments section below.

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