Jeremy Coleman: Four Main Features of Any Successful Slot Game

By | August 4, 2021

Slot development is one of the hottest topics in the latest casino news articles. Other aspects, like launching a new game, working out branding and promotional strategies are also coming to prominence.

Jeremy Coleman, Senior Sales and Account Manager at RNG Foundry Limited, answered the most pressing questions, concerning the developing of slot game software and introducing a new slot in the iGaming market.

Jeremy, what are the latest trends in slot development?

When the first Megaways games came out, they created a new trend in slot mechanics and they continue to be very strong performers with a huge number of Megaways games now available. This is an exceptional example and has been the biggest change in slots over the past few years, so I think we can agree that Megaways is no longer a trend but a part of the slots world that will not fade away.

In general, trends are driven by player behavior and the operators have to respond to what the players are wanting to play. I find that with the growth of the streamers in the past couple of years, it has influenced many of the games that are popular this year. Streamers like to play high volatile games that can create big wins because their audience likes to see big wins. Therefore, the suppliers are creating many games that can offer a high win potential.

We are seeing a good number of drop-and-win or lock-and-win games that offer a nice feature in a bonus game. Different studios have delivered this in different ways.

Will there be another big trend similar to Megaways? I’m not sure but I do know that every supplier would love to create whatever the next big thing will be.

What do you consider to be the features of a great slot game?

For me, the key features for any successful slot game are simple and can be tweaked depending on whether you are building a game suited for experienced players or for beginners who might not have much experience in players slots but who want to be entertained and have the feeling that they won a bit of money. These features include:

a good math model – players need to be able to win where expected and to know what the likely wins will be depending on if the game is a low, medium, or highly volatile game;
engaging theme – make the game interesting and exciting to look at and play. The right creative approach can help make a game more successful;
clean and easy-to-understand mechanic – players need to know what is going on within the game. If it is a simple game, this is straightforward but with a feature-rich game that includes various bonus features, this still needs to be easily understood so that players do not drop off after a few spins;
good win value. Most players are savvy enough to know what parts of the game should reward them by how much. A player wants to know that when they get into free spins or an exciting-looking feature that it is a rewarding experience. Obviously, there is always variance but ultimately a player wants to be rewarded for putting in some time on a particular slot. Players want to be able to see the potential in the game which is why more games are promoting “win x times bet” in the real estate on the screen.

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