Jakub Kolomičenko Speaks on CIS Gambling

By | July 21, 2021

Endorphina’s Head of Legal, Jakub Kolomičenko, has recently participated in an interview to go into details about the CIS gambling market. In the full interview, you can find out the current situation of the CIS gambling region, how the online gambling business is evolving, views towards Georgia and Russia, and things we can expect in the upcoming years.

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What is happening in the CIS region today?

The gambling environment in CIS countries is currently at the beginning of its own lifecycle, therefore we are watching the continual process of the market changes. Generally, the legal proposals focus on increasing security and a clear tax system simultaneously. For example, Armenia joins the push for stricter gambling and ad limits. The draft law on “Making Amendments to the Law on Advertising” would ban online gambling advertisements on websites between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Additionally, Armenia’s advertising laws prohibit websites from having more than 20 percent of their page space taken up by gambling ads.

What about the interaction between gambling businesses with other local businesses?

The regulators of the individual states are starting to realize that the gambling business is a part of the entertainment industry, which focuses not only on the local population but also on foreign tourists. In this context, even states that have had a strict policy are beginning to loosen their legal regulation. The Azerbaijan parliament began to prepare a law that would legalize certain types of gambling activities. The topic of liberalization of existing laws is regularly raised in the country. The reason is quite understandable: tourism has become one of the leading sectors of the economy in Azerbaijan. At the same time, many travelers consider visiting a casino as exotic entertainment. In addition, many foreigners are attracted by the opportunity to interestingly and luxuriously spend their time.

How is the online gambling business environment evolving?

The strategy of legalizing online gambling and creating a licensing system is gradually being approached. Gambling operators are given the opportunity to legally register for an online casino. For example, the decree in Belarus allows online bingo, slot machines, and card games. The law on the legalization of online gambling and the creation of a licensing system came into force in April 2019. The law requires international operators to host their servers on Belarusian soil. Foreign gambling sites that do not use the .by domain extension will be blocked.

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