Jacob Reid on SMM in Gambling: “It’s Important to Focus on a Balanced Approach”

By | March 11, 2021

A well-chosen social media marketing strategy is among the key aspects allowing operators to achieve success and make headlines for the most important gambling news. Jacob Reid, Organic Social Media Manager at LeoVegas Group, agreed to tell about major legal obstacles in gambling, the best platforms for marketing, as well as the greatest tactics for creating a loyal community.

Jacob, why is social media marketing so important for building a successful gambling brand?

When you think about the target market of online gamblers, a high percentage of these users have an extremely close affinity with social media. This is one of the key reasons that SMM has now become a key marketing tool in order to build a successful gambling brand. Social media is effectively the face of your brand to digital consumers. Due to their reliance and time spent on social media, many customers will judge a brand based on their social media presence alone. Desirable brands always have a strong social presence, and the stronger their social presence, the more successful the brand becomes. These days, a high degree of trust is built by what consumers see from their brand on social media, and without that presence, there is no denying you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow your brand to its full potential. Alongside this, it’s another great channel to reach out to your consumers, and show your brand in the most entertaining way possible. Not only the brand but the players as well will be able to benefit from a successful social media marketing strategy.

How to create viral content for this industry? Which classification of viral content is the most suitable for gambling?

Creating viral content is great, but the idea shouldn’t start there, what you should ensure you do is create content that represents your brand. It’s important that the content pushed through your social media channels is also aligned with your other departments, and that you are all working towards the same goal, which is something at LeoVegas Group we do really well. If all channels are pushing the same message, you are much more likely to achieve a state of ‘viral content’ rather than attempting to create ‘viral content’ within itself. In my opinion, promotional content can be a very important type of viral content. In my eyes, offering players exciting, engaging, and rewarding content is a key factor to creating successful viral content.

Are there any regulatory challenges for social media marketing? How can SMM professionals deal with them?

Personally, I have never worked in an industry with so many regulatory challenges, and one of the greatest challenges for a professional working in this industry is that each market has its own individual regulations. Being aware of these regulations is important, and these will tend to come with experience. Keeping in close contact with your legal team and regularly updating yourself on the ever-changing regulations would be my best suggestion to dealing with these challenges. I believe that challenges such as these only drive us to become more successful marketers, as we are forced to learn about these boundaries, and think of ways we can legally overcome them.

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