Italy’s Gambling Regulation Will Be Revamped Soon

By | November 8, 2021

Italian gambling law will have news soon as the country’s ministers are going to revamp current regulations, which are outdated.

An Undersecretary of State for the Economy and Finance, Federico Freni, has stated that the Italian market needs reorganization to clamp down on illegal gambling.

More licenses and eliminated illegitimate gambling

The Undersecretary is going to transmit a new law to the Italian Parliament this month. The aim of the law is to secure more legal tenders and establish a clear regulatory framework, which will help to prevent unauthorized gambling.

According to Federico Freni, the increase of GGR and collected tax doesn’t mean a perfect gambling environment. The Undersecretary is sure that the market needs not only more tightened regulations but also enhanced control over illegal unlicensed operators and a gambling addiction rate in the country. Freni has added that current legislation is outdated and doesn’t meet the requirements of healthy gaming. He has emphasized that well-defined regulations will allow both domestic and foreign companies to enter the market legally.

The upcoming law will include all the necessary changes and is planned to come into force in November.

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