Italy Is Ready for Revolution in Gambling Industry

By | November 12, 2021

Recently, regulatory changes in the Italian gambling market have been announced. The experts of the market have gathered for the Betting on Sports Europe session to discuss the expectations and future changes that will affect the market. Don’t miss the legislation news of the gambling vertical to stay tuned for updates.

At the “Italy 2022 – Reform or Shake-up” session, the speakers shared their thoughts on the future changes in the regulatory system for the gambling market. The experts have agreed on the positive expectations and changes that will turn the Italian gambling market into a new development direction.

Marco Castaldo, CEO at Microgame, reminded the audience about the positive dynamics of the online gambling sector in Italy. According to the speaker, the online gambling profits of 2021 are counted as $4 billion. He also mentioned that the number of users increased after the global pandemic. The number of users of the online market before the pandemic was 9%, after the transition to the digital space, the data grew up to 20-25%.

Stefano Sbordoni, Founder at Sbordoni&Partners company, is sure that the Italian market needs a rearrangement in the legislation system, which will refresh the requirements. The speaker also believes that the most challenging will be the perfect regulation providing.

Carmelo Mazza, CEO at OIA Services, sees a positive future for the Italian market, however, he’s sure that not all the newly announced reforms are really needed. The expert has noticed both influence sides of the upcoming changes. It can be a good opportunity for business, but there also can be created a lot of complexities by the regulator. One of the main things he’s expecting to see is the multichannel model for the market.

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The cultural issue of the Italian market

Talking about future opportunities for the Italian market, speakers discussed the issues that can be limiting for going to the international market. Quirino Mancini, the moderator of this session, has asked the question of whether the Italian culture is an issue in the gambling market development.

Carmelo Mazza believes that the cultural barrier will be broken by the younger generation, and it won’t disturb any business development soon. However, Marco Castaldo doesn’t think that there’s an issue about culture or mentality. He’s sure that the main problem, which must be solved as soon as possible, is the financial issue. After the financial structure is set, the Italian offers will go abroad freely.

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