Is There a Spike of European Casinos?

By | April 9, 2021

In the recent period of time, we were able to see a massive spike in online gambling across the world. Europe was no exception. What this means is that there are countless new online casinos that are now available and offer great games and many other perks to all players. In the world, many players are looking for EU casino sites due to the reasons we will mention below.

Reasons why European casinos are so popular

There is no single reason or explanation why these casinos are so popular among UK players. There are 4 reasons in fact and now we will explain each one. These are basic benefits or advantages these online establishments have to offer to all players. Keep in mind that there are many more perks players can get but some of them are not generic.

Multinational support

Online casinos in Europe support all players and are extremely popular. Regardless of which country you come from and which nationality you are, you can play here. There are no limits, complicated regulations, or anything similar. In other words, you are able to play any game you like instantly, and you can use any payment method you like. You can also play at all casinos of this kind, and the experience will always be great.

Wide set of games

Here we have one of the main advantages. Casinos here are able to offer all the games you can imagine. Most of them have over 4000 games and each one is different. What this means is that you can play all kinds of slots, table games, card games, live dealer games, and so much more. There are no limits here either, which is common in UK casinos due to annoying UKGC rules and regulations. Honestly, these have many side effects and a generally negative effect on UK gambling. This is why many UK players decide to test their luck at other sites, where they can gamble with freedom. At UK casinos, gamblers are much more limited.

Yes, at these casinos you can also see more software developers than anywhere else. While a UK casino may have 30 brands, a European casino under the EGBA will have 70+. More software developers offer you more games to play.

Latest features

Once again we can see a negative side of the UKGC license. They will force all casinos to add features but only the ones that are approved. This is one of the reasons why UK casinos look the same and don’t offer different features. European casinos do not have this issue.

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