Is the New German Gambling Law an Opportunity or a Challenge?

By | July 5, 2021

According to the latest legislation news, the new gambling law in Germany has become active. What do experts think about this step? And what challenges will the operators and gamblers face in Germany?

At the iGaming NEXT POWER Hour, the main supporters of the new gambling law in Germany have been talking about how GlüNeuRStV will influence the whole industry. This bill provides for higher taxes on activities for online casinos and poker rooms. It’s 15 times more than those provided for land-based operators.

Generally, Mathias Dahms and Dr. Joerg Hofmann, the guests of the meeting, support this new step. The whole industry is happy for this new era, they have said. However, they also don’t deny that the market will experience a lot of changes in the new tax rates.

There’re also so many issues that have been unclear for a very long time. But the speakers said, “We have to follow all new roads.” It’s important to have full support from the authorities because gambling in Germany has been a mess for a very long time.

Operator’s reaction to the new step in the gambling industry

The online market is heavily influenced by the new rules. Since July 1, the day when the law has become active, operators have responded to these new responsibilities. For example, some poker rooms have announced the updated rules, new payment methods. One of the biggest companies decided to raise a rake to combat the new sales tax.

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