Is SafeMoon a Way to the Crypto Moon?

By | July 9, 2021

According to the latest cryptocurrency news, more crypto updates will be released this year – one of the novelties in the industry is a wallet for beta testing from SafeMoon. How to use it in different areas such as business? Read our article to know every interesting detail.

SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency that has been promoted on social media in a very active way. Twitter users saw many #SAFEMOONWALLET hashtags on Twitter. This article is for those who are interested in what this cryptocurrency is and how to get a new wallet.

The previous month, the crypto project opened sign-ups for a closed beta wallet. It invited 500 guests who could try it. There was also an opportunity to get the SafeMoon token.

Other functions of the SafeMoon wallet:

safe place to store and trade cryptocurrency;
dark mode;
contact synchronization;
Simplex integration.

It’s also important to mention a 10% tax on each transaction. It doesn’t matter if it’s trade or exchange. Some amount of the tax is also going into a liquidity pool. Half of it splits up between holders. It depends on the number of tokens they own. The company called it “reflections”.

The protocol is DeFi token. And for every single trade, there are three functions:

LP acquisition;

What is the difference between Bitcoin and SafeMoon?

Since the first cryptocurrency introduction in the world, a large number of Bitcoin forks and Ethereum fans was increasing during a few days to make a contribution to CoinMarketCap’s servers. Customers won’t buy any coins if they don’t fulfill some utility beyond transactions.

The SafeMoon is positioned as a totally safe way of a token that gets expansive. The main difference from Bitcoin is such an unusual way to make people not spend their token on the other cryptocurrency. However, this token cannot be spent on anything else.

SafeMoon is the 5th of the most-visited pages on CoinMarketCap. This cryptocurrency is searched for more times than Ethereum (one of the most trending crypto).

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