Is Online Gambling Legal in Ukraine and How To Make It Legal?

By | November 30, 2021

For more than 10 years, gambling had been banned in Ukraine, and in August 2020 it became officially allowed. The system of this market control is still far from being perfect because it needs time. At the moment, some active actions have been taken to make the gambling business as transparent and reliable as possible for players.

When adopting the document in parliament, the relevant committee assumed that the budget from the legalization of gambling would receive from UAH2.5 billion to UAH4 billion in the first year alone. At the same time, the operators are stipulated with rigorous requirements. The organization and running of gambling business are permitted if the following requirements are satisfied:

licenses for this type of activity;
certified equipment;
connection to the state online monitoring system.

This requirement is relevant for both online and offline organizations.

The head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council, Anton Kuchukhidze, says that the legalization of gambling in Ukraine has become an important step for the country’s economy. Today, both the state and the legal gambling business have created a legal and practical framework to protect the life, health, and dignity of citizens who like to play games in online and offline casinos.

The expert shared the data of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, according to which in 2018 the turnover of the shadow gambling market was approximately UAH30 billion. At the same time, the opinion of experts indicates that the turnover was much bigger.

But nowadays, the market is skyrocketing. According to the Ukraine Gambling and Lottery Commission (UGLC), 13 licenses have already been issued to organize and run business of online gambling, 8 ones in casinos, 12 ones in slot machine halls, 3 licenses to organize and run online poker games, and 1 a license to organize and run betting business.

Bringing in from the cold

Although the gaming industry in Ukraine is legalized, a significant share of the business remains in the shadow. Experts say that the owners of such establishments are not interested in transparent conditions and effective regulation. In addition, they are against bringing in from the cold and being accountable to society and the players.

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