Irish Political Party Bans Credit Cards in Gambling Industry

By | September 9, 2021

The laws for banning credit cards usage at casinos have been much discussed on the Login Casino website.

This time, Ireland is in the focus as the country’s political party has announced the law, which will put an end to credit card gambling.

Getting rid of staking on credit will help to protect players

According to the news about the gambling law in Ireland, Sinn Fein’s new legislation will become a solution for one of the most pressing issues in the gambling industry – credit cards usage at online casinos and in land-based gambling establishments. The title of the law is the Betting (Prohibition on Use of Credit Cards) Bill 2021.

The representatives of the party say that the bill will help in the fight against problem gambling. It will ensure a higher level of responsible gambling in the country. The legislation, however, will cover not only virtual but also brick-and-mortar casinos. Of course, the new regulations will influence operators as they will obtain a license only if they don’t have any types of credit card payments implemented. Sinn Fein calls other parties to support the law because it will help to protect vulnerable social groups from the negative effects of the gambling industry.

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