Interesting Facts About Gambling Ads in Europe

By | September 28, 2021

The global gambling industry is one of the largest aspects of a successful economy. Countries, where gambling is a legal kind of entertainment, are popular in the tourism sector. Below you can find the countries, where gambling is legal to advertise and where it’s more profitable to start a gambling business. Check the hottest gambling news for more.

According to scientific research, the first time, when people reached out how to gamble, was in the 9th century AD in China. Later in the 14th century, gambling became popular in Japan. The very first casino took a place in Venice, Italy in 1638.

The most active gambling county in Europe is the UK, where horse racing is the favorite public entertainment for years. But it’s also regulated with strict gambling restrictions and requirements.

If we’re talking about the US, cards games took a special place in the hearts of the Americans. For almost 3 centuries the US government was trying to destroy the gambling market by legislation. At the start of 20 century, all gambling products were set as illegal entertainment. People couldn’t participate in gambling or visit any gambling establishments. It also caused an increase in the criminal level in the country.

There were many cases of the failed attempts to ban gambling. According to the long-life history, it’s better to regulate and control what cannot be excluded.

How is gambling regulated in Europe?

The specific of the gambling sector in Europe is the fact that each country has its own laws and restrictions for the market. But there’s no legislation authority, which would regulate the whole gambling market.

All the European countries set their own gambling laws based on the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

More and more counties of the EU launch the legislation system, which will let operators offer their products online and offline.

The modernization of gambling into an online version is supported by the European Commission. The gamblers’ protection on the Internet is also one of the main goals of the Commission.

Where is gambling illegal in Europe?

There’re no strong differences between gambling countries in the EU. However, if some locations are more adapted to online gambling, other countries’ governments support land-based operators more. There can be a difference in the legal gambling age issue. Somewhere people can play from 18, but in other places, websites or casinos are opened for people older than 21.

Is gambling legal in other countries?

A major number of the counties are opened to gambling activity, but there’re several counties, where gambling isn’t available as entertainment.

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