iGaming Market of the US: Latest Trends, Risks, and Perspectives

By | August 30, 2021

According to the recent gambling news, the online gambling market in the US is growing with more and more states legislating online casinos and betting websites. Wagering on eSports has also become popular among many American players.

Adrianna Samuels (Cuccinello), Chief Business Development Officer at PlayUp, has answered the most frequently asked questions about the iGaming market of the US and shared her opinion on the topic.

Could you give a short overview of the iGaming market in 2021?

iGaming is currently live in 6 states (Nevada is online poker only), the other 5 states are:

New Jersey
West Virginia

The industry insiders anticipate a flurry of states to add iGaming regulations in the coming years. For us (gambling operators) iGaming represents a massive growth potential in both revenue and a total addressable market (potential users we can market to and acquire). We have had a strategic plan where we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and we are excited for the potential that lies ahead for us in this sector of the industry.

Which sector of the iGaming industry is the most promising in the US market?

The sports betting industry is set to become a 40–60-billion-dollar industry in the next few years. However, we see iGaming already outperforming sports betting growth in the US and exceeding expectations. The iGaming sector is intriguing because we are able to offer our customers 24/7 coverage and gaming options for users when sports aren’t being played. Game offerings from content providers create a near endless option of fun online casino games with higher margins for the business when compared to traditional sports betting. We can also utilize our iGaming offering to attract more females as they statistical are more into casino games than betting

The global pandemic has put a focus on the digital sector of the gambling industry and eSports betting in particular. In your opinion, how will this trend evolve?

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