How To Play Casino Games Without Documents

By | July 30, 2021

Online casinos are growing rapidly—and for good reasons. Most of them support mobile gaming, meaning the two billion people who own smartphones can play these games. Then there’s the issue of expanding regulation. More and more countries are legalizing online gambling.

On the flip side, iGaming technology keeps improving. Pay N Play is a case in point. This piece of innovation of digital payment company Trustly has been helping people play real money casino games without documents.

How does Pay N Play work? What are the benefits? Should you care?

What are Pay N Play casinos?

Pay N Play casinos go by several names:

no registration casinos;
no account casinos;
no verification casinos.

But the concept is the same. Pay N Play casinos let you play casino games without registering an account.

What’s more, they don’t ask for your proof of identity and proof of address—the pesky details casinos ask for the purpose of KYC verification. There are still not many online casinos without ID verification on withdrawals. This makes the existing ones even more popular among gamers who just want to play and withdraw money without sending any documents.

KYC is a verification of the law. So, how do these casinos operate legally without asking for personal details? As we mentioned earlier, Pay N Play is the creation of the Trustly e-wallet. It facilitates no account casino gaming by doing KYC verification on behalf of casinos.

Trustly collects your personal information and gives you a payment account. When you select a Pay N Play casino, the e-wallet provides your KYC data to the casino in the background. This process takes a matter of seconds, ensuring you can start to play quickly.

How to play at Pay N Play casinos

Because account creation isn’t required, it takes just a couple of minutes to deposit money. Below is a glimpse of how the process works:

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