How Has Trustry Won the Trust of the World?

By | September 14, 2021

The payment method is one of the main parts of responsible gambling. Trustly is a fintech company, which gives an opportunity to pay for gambling in a safe, protected, and trusted way. Is Trustly a trusted banking payment method? And why is this payment service important for any kind of gambling? Check the hottest financial news for updates.

Trustly group is a private fintech company, which is based in Switzerland since 2008. The main feature of this payment method is the openness that lets users spend money without cards and other apps.

After one year, in 2009, the first contracts with online retailers were signed. It was a step to the development of the technical platform of the second generation. In 2010, Trustly group began to expand and work with international clients. The targeting on the international global market made the total income of the company grow 200%. Every year the revenue of the company grows. For instance, compared to 2018 the Trustly’s income was up 58% in 2019 ($150 million).

There’re 6 300 banks in the network and 525 million customers.

 The main targeted locations of Trustly group are:

the US.

The first office out of Switzerland was in Malta. Since 2020, Trustly has been offering its services in Australia and Canada.

The security system of Trustly group is one of the safest in the world. Trustly has a license by European Payment Services Provider (PSP). The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority is the main regulatory authority that supervises Trustly group.

How to use Trustly in casino games?

The developed payment system is the main reason for online casinos to use offers by Trustly. Online direct electronic payment can fit the major number of countries with different gambling laws and regulators.

Among countries, where gambling markets use Trustly, are:

Denmark, etc.

Trustly offers the easiest transaction and various bonuses to make a deposit at any online casino.

There’re many online casino sites, which use Trustly as one of the main payment systems. Among all of these kinds, it’s difficult to choose the right one.

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