How Do You Count a Single Deck in Blackjack?

By | March 1, 2021

Blackjack is a timeless casino game that continues to amass a huge following worldwide. The game attracts both high and low-rollers as well as novice and experienced games. More so, the game has several variations, including Single Deck Blackjack.

Further, to fully enjoy this variant and increase your chances of winning, you need to know how to count cards. Learning the skill can be profitable, especially considering it’s one of the most rewarding variations. With that, here is a complete guide on how you count a single deck.

Counting cards at the table

Blackjack is a game that combines skill and luck. Hence, while winning can be out of luck, you still need some skills to further increases your chances of beating the dealer. One of the skills you need, especially if you want to enjoy single deck blackjack, is card counting.

Majorly, in this variation, cards are dealt facing down. For starters, you need to count your two cards, followed by the dealer’s up card. Also, since you’ll be playing with other players, count the players’ hit cards, which are usually dealt face up.

Normally, if a gamer doubles, they will face up their first two cards, so you will count them as well. Nonetheless, the double card is dealt face down, so you should not count it yet. Moreover, if any of the players split a pair, they will turn the cards to face up, so count them.

Single deck counting

After counting the players’ cards facing up, your next goal should be to count every hit card that comes out. Notably, in this variation, players place their cards under their bets to make it hard for you to see them.

Generally, this is known as a stand, and in such a case, it would be hard to count the cards yet. Moreover, should players bust, they will toss their first two cards. Ensure you are keen to count these cards. Besides, you should play ends from the dealer’s hand.

Count your dealer’s hole card whenever it is turned up and any hit cards for the dealer’s hand. Now, here is the tricky but thrilling part. The dealer will start at the side of the third base and turn hole cards from beneath the bet. They will then set the cards above all other cards in the particular hand. Make sure to count these cards as the dealer exposes them.

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