How Do Live Dealer Betting Payouts Work?

By | June 11, 2021

You might be wondering: ‘how do payouts work for a live dealer casino game?’ or ‘is there some complicated step in winning live dealer prize money?’. Here’s the solution to your problem — a one-stop guide to everything you need to know about live dealer betting payouts and how they work. 

Live dealer casino games work just like any other casino game out there. The only difference is that instead of an AI or code that makes the game work, it’s actual people in front of a camera who manage every step of the game process for you. The most you ever have to do is to place your bets. The game handler behind the camera does all the work.

Yes, it is that simple.

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You’ll see for yourself how the dealer chats, deals the cards and calculates your totals for you as if you are face-to-face. In addition, the dealer, commonly a woman, shares a feed with everyone else playing the game alongside you worldwide. Thus, the players and the dealer can read the chat and communicate with you directly if they choose so. 

Possible Reasons for Confusion with Live Dealer Betting Payouts

With what’s been said, what are the possible reasons people might get confused with how betting payouts work with live dealer casino games? 

The first is that, even though live dealer casino games are similar to traditional casino games, their work is vastly different. With a live casino game, you have a person on the other end doing all the work for you—not to mention that some live dealers also love to communicate now and then. Thus, a significant change from the traditional structure is often associated with an even more significant shift in how the cash flow works, partly explaining where the confusion lies. 

Another reason for people’s confusion with live dealer prize money is unfamiliarity. Some people have never tried out a live casino game and have minimal knowledge of the live casino experience. Thankfully, all live casino games here at Bitcasino are easy to learn and even easier to win with.

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