GwL Opens Education Programme To Prevent Gambling Harm on Youth

By | September 14, 2021

The UK charity Gambling with Lives (GwL) has created a new educational program to enhance gambling awareness among young people across the country. The presentation of the programme was held yesterday in London, the recent news in casino sector reports.

The project was developed by experts in problem gambling, including teachers, academics, and filmmakers. People who have personally experienced harm from competitive games of chance also took part in programme creation.

According to Gambling with Lives, the program addresses the shortage of information and help in the field of problem gambling, and aims at influencing gambling education of youth. James Grimes, a Head of Education at GwL, states that a unique feature of the project is that it highlights the role of addictive gambling products and predatory marketing in causing harm. Grimes has also called for a regulatory change in the gambling niche.

Login Casino org informs that the project will be tested on the basis of schools in several regions of the UK, including Essex, Northern Ireland, and Manchester.

The programme based on GwL’s research

The press release published by GwL’s claims that the educational program was created on the basis of the charity’s research on addictive products, such as gambling, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. In particular, this study shows that every year from 250 to 650 people in the UK take their lives for gambling-related reasons. Moreover, gambling addicts are 15 times more likely to commit suicide than other people. The research also estimates that around 1.2m adults and 55k children have experienced addiction to gambling. So, the importance of the educational project on gambling harm for the youth can’t be overlooked.

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