Gray Market in Polish Gambling Is Fading

By | September 7, 2021

According to the news about the online casino market in Poland, its gray sector has been decreased thanks to the amendment to the gambling legislation.

The research has been conducted by H2 Gambling Capital, and its results are provided on the website of the Polish state-owned gambling company Totalizator Sportowy.

Although the decrease is significant, more efforts are still needed

The major conclusion of H2GC’s study is that there isn’t much black market activity in Poland. It is worth mentioning that under the notion of the “black market”, those operators, which don’t hold any license, are meant. While the “gray area” implies the companies licensed by other jurisdictions, for example, Malta.

As for the gray market, the report shows that its level in the country has fallen significantly – from eighty percent in 2016 (before the changes in the Gambling Act) to twenty-five percent in 2020. The revamped gambling regulation allowed Poland to diminish the shadow market presence in the online gambling industry. In addition to this, the launch of a legal online casino by Totalizator Sportowy also contributed to players’ interest in licensed products. Currently, almost eighty percent of all operators providing services in the country are licensed. However, there is still a poor prognosis as, according to the report, the illegal sector may grow in recent years (by almost 4 percent).

The research has also covered the topic of the gray market profit. It was revealed that unlicensed online casinos had generated the GGR of PLN 472 million in 2020. It is expected that in 2021, illegal iGaming will generate PLN 541 million. What does the revenue mean? It means that even more fight against illicit gambling is required. Nowadays, offshore operators still can bypass the law by creating “clones” via changing the website’s URL.

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