Government of Hungary Reissues Law To Grant Licenses to “Friends”

By | September 8, 2021

One of the hottest news topics about the gambling law is that the Government of Hungary has taken advantage out of the implemented amendments to regulations to prolong casinos’ licenses.

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When the law was amended, casinos got the right to operate legally by 2024. Now they have been granted licenses for another thirty-five years.

The government kept this decision secret

As it was informed, five leading Hungarian gambling establishments obtained the license to continue their operation by 2056. Among them are Corvin, Atlantis, Atrium Eurocenter, Tropicana, and Sofitel. The initiative came from Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of the country, who did this without public release. The change to the law, which took place earlier, became the first step for the government to issue licenses without a tendering process.

The situation caused indignation from the opposition because the secrecy of this act seemed as the persons involved didn’t want the transparency indeed. According to reliable sources, some percentage of the business share is owned by the relative of the government member. The casinos, which have obtained the permission, are expected to generate almost thirty million euros of annual GGR.

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