Google’s Cached Webpages May Appear Empty Search Advocate Says

By | April 11, 2022
Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller has explained that it is normal for JavaScript-based webpages to appear empty in the cached view. Mueller claims that it doesn’t indicate that there is an issue with the page. In other trending news about the search platform, Google Ads has been experiencing issues with latency and disruption. The value of non-recommended structured data on Google has also been a hot topic for discussion.

A cached webpage on Google sometimes looks as if it is empty or misses content, which may make you think that there is a problem with it. In some cases, however, this is normal. According to John Mueller, this may occur when Google cach displays only HTML elements of the page. Google’s expert also explains that it isn’t a technical issue but browser restrictions that may cause a blank page.

Another problem with the search platform occurred last week. Google Ads’ representative has confirmed a latency issue on the platform. Reported on April 1, the problem has led to a large number of users receiving error alerts, high latency, and other unpredicted issues. In some cases, Responsive Search Ads took up to 48 hours to get approved. Although the issue has been resolved for the majority of Google Ads users, it is still listed as an ongoing disruption.

As for the non-recommended structured data on Google, has been growing in value. During Google’s podcast episode, experts established that the use of this data goes beyond developer pages’ recommendations. The search engine also uses some of the non-recommended data.

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