General Gambling Market Changes in the UK in June 2021

By | August 11, 2021

According to the latest casino news, the gambling market in the UK changed during June 2021. Recently, the Gambling Commission of Britain released reports of gambling data in June. How’s the online gambling market changed in the country? What circumstances have changed the revenue data?

The online gambling market in the UK has changed in the period from March 2020 to June 2021. Such conclusions were made by the regulator from the data during this time.

Casinos and bingo premises opened on May 17th. The partial lifting of restrictions against COVID-19 also influenced the land-based and online operators. The not unimportant aspect of the changes was Euro 2020, which started on June 11. Such events always attract users, including inactive ones the most.

To see how the online gambling market’s changing, the Commission analyzed the term from March 2020 to June 2021.

It must be mentioned that the UK regulator asks operators for Gross Gambling Yield (GGY), not Gross Gambling Revenue. So, the total GGY is down by 7% from May to June (to almost £496 million). Despite some of the meaningful events during this time, the betting and spins number was down by 10%, but there were more active players, as the numbers were up by 4% from May to June.

The GGY of the online real event betting was up by 1% during the same time, which is more than £242 million. Between May and June, more active players (9%) started betting while Euro 2020, which started from June 11. One of the most famous sports in the world increased market performance.

The data of online slots sessions was down by 9% (2.3 million). In general, one session lasted up to 19 minutes. However, 8% of sessions were more than 1 hour long.

Changes in the number of bets from May to June 2021

Gambling vertical

Number of bets in May 2021

Number of bets in June 2021

Percentage changes for May and June 2021


6 165 375 276

5 572 376 298


Other gaming

290 868 405

267 474 393


Betting on real events

299 821 964

272 566 779


Virtual betting

15 422 841

13 422 847



86 661 426

73 547 295


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