GC Reports Record Results in Digital Gambling in December

By | February 24, 2021

Another lockdown wave caused by the coronavirus outbreak boosted the British online gambling market to new highs as almost all the major parameters grew during the last month of 2020. Read the latest casino news to find out how the UK’s gambling industry sectors contributed to the overall growth.

The UK’s Gambling Commission (GC) continues publishing the results of licensed gambling operators monthly starting from March 2020. The last 31 days of 2020 were record-breaking for the industry as almost all the major parameters grew, causing the gross gambling yield (GGY) to rise by 30% and reaching almost £614M.

The situation by sector

The biggest growth came from betting on real events, as there were plenty of them due to tighter schedules in sports competitions. While a 3.1% (5M) increase in the number of players and a 2.2% (293M) rise in the total number of bets doesn’t look crucially huge, the return of margins has made the difference. It led to almost £320M GGY in December, which is a 53% growth compared to the previous month.

Casino slots took the strong second place in the overall December contribution, bringing almost £200M, which is a 13% jump in GGY. At the same time, the number of players raised by 6%, while the total number of attempts to catch a jackpot increased by 12% (5.9B). The gaming session’s length didn’t change compared to the previous month and stayed at the point of 22 minutes on average.

The rest of the sector fulfilled the total GGY by almost £74M, which is also an 11% increase. The number of those who like online casinos without slots increased by 13.5%, causing the growth of a total number of attempts to win cash by 15.5% (313M). While the poker vertical showed a small increase of only 3% in GGY (£9.4M), the cybersport dropped to negative numbers and declined by 6% to £1.3M.

As the UK’s officials announced a long-lasting plan of returning from lockdown and opening land-based entertaining venues, the digital gambling sector can continue the growth. According to the plans, betting shops will reopen not earlier than in the middle of April, while brick-and-mortar casinos and poker rooms will be available not earlier than in May.

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