GB Lottery Raises £420.7M for a Good Cause in Q1 2021 to 2022

By | August 4, 2021

The British Gambling Commission has issued a report on the funds that the National Lottery has raised for a good cause throughout Q1 of 2021-2022 financial year in the recent news about the lottery sector.

According to UKGC’s data, the UK National Lottery has gathered £420.7 million for a good cause between March 29 and June 26 of 2021. The Lottery raised £2.3 billion in total throughout the last five quarters.

Compared to the Q1 of 2020 to 2021 financial year, the good cause funds in 2021/2022 year increased by 10 percent and £38.4 million. However, it was a 23.7 percent (£130.6 million) decline from the January-March 2021 quarter.

Why did good cause funds decline against Q4 of 2020/21? 

The British Gambling Commission states that the funds payable for good cause are below the results of Q4 2020 to 2021 for the two main reasons:

sales of the Great Britain National Lottery in Q1 2021/22 have decreased by 17.8 percent and £430.2 million, compared to Q4 2020/21. This is due to reduced sales of the EuroMillions and IIWG lottery;
as a result of the closings of scratch card games, the total amount of unclaimed prizes in Q1 2021/22 was £25.6 million below the previous quarter.

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